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Purple Peak – Akaroa

Purple Peak - Akaroa by Steph Jennings
Purple Peak – Akaroa, a photo by Steph Jennings on Flickr.

The last day of the Banks Peninsula Tramp after heading through the Hinewai reserve we reached purple peak. The highest point of this days walking before we start heading down the other side of the hill and into Akaroa. The bay in the distance is Otanerito where we started the days walking.

The first of the seals

The first of the seals by Steph Jennings
The first of the seals, a photo by Steph Jennings on Flickr.

On the Banks Peninsula tramp as we were heading down from the headland into Stoney Bay we spotted a seal swimming in the ocean, moving down onto the beach to see if we could get a closer look we encountered the first of many many seals we’d stumble across on the Canterbury coast.