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We survived…

The television amnesty is over, not that anyone is bothered. We survived quite well without the grey box in the corner, so well in fact it has hardly been switched on even though it is now “allowed” and both myself and James have dragged ourselves away from the computers outside of the predetermined “shut down” hours with out suffereing any major withdrawal symptoms.

The blonde dude didn’t once complain of boredom, We’re looking into purchasing a different selection of board games for him and we’ve looked online to see what activities are running at out local library. He has even gone as far as to suggest other activities we can partake in AFTER the ban was complete.

He didn’t even ask for the television when he went for dinner at my parents which is amazing as he is allowed free reign of the remote control when he’s there…..I think I can call that MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

For one week only…

I have come to the realisiation that in our house we rely way too much on technology to keep us occupied. If we’re not on the internet, there is something on the television to watch or the wii or playstation to play with so I have made a decision.

As of Monday morning for one week only there are new restrictions coming in place.

There is to be NO television AT ALL, ALL WEEK – Not even BBC Breakfast News (my alarm clock of choice) No consoles AT ALL, ALL WEEK. No computers (and that means no internet) between the hours of 6pm and 8pm EVERY EVENING. I would make it a longer period if it wasn’t for James actually needing to make a living and hence needing internet access.

We are actually going to DO things. We’ve plenty of books, board games, packs of cards and art and craft things so along with the recently purchased Jenga, we have plenty to do indoors. We have the beautiful Staffordshire Green Belt not 5 mins walk from my house and Brownshore Lakes are only 10 mins away. There is the local park and the speedway, There is the newly refurbished nature reserves along the canal all on our doorstep, so its time to go exploring!

The blonde kid in his defense does get out regularly but I’ve become pretty complacent about it so to motivate us were turning off and getting going!! I’m hoping we can get into the habit of looking around us before reaching for the remote. Maybe we’ll need longer than a week to really get over our technology addiction but maybe a week will give us a head start.

Maybe I’m being too adventurous, Maybe the blonde kid will miss Ben 10 and Dr Who far too much and will pack a bag and leave me for the technological safe haven of my parents. Maybe we’ll have too many withdrawals ourselves and succumb within a day and a half – we’ll just have to wait and see!