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What goes around…

This week has been BUSY, everything is changing and it seems to be happening at 100mph, I definitely feel like this evening is the first real opportunity I’ve had to relax. Not that I’m complaining. Change is good especially when it’s changing for the better, But I’ve so many new and exciting things happening that it’s hard to keep up with myself let alone everyone else but sometimes it is nice to just sit and relax.

Tonight was my “sit down and relax” evening, we had take away for dinner and sat together to eat TV off, music on and we chatted about what we’ve all got going on and what we’d been up to today. The following is the blonde kids thought of the day…

TBK Mom do you believe in karma?

ME I think so why hun?

TBK Because I don’t.

ME Do you know what karma is?

TBK Yeah it’s when you do something nasty to someone and then something nasty happens to you.

ME Yeah it’s kinda like that, why do you ask anyway?

TBK Well today in school I tried to stop Lewis ball and I stopped it too hard and it bounced away and I got shouted at for being mean but it wasn’t really mean as it was accident and then someone threw it back and it bounced on my head and the teacher said “That’s karma that is, you kicked his ball away and now you’re hurt”. So is that karma?

ME Kind of I suppose yes. If you did kick the ball deliberately. (Giving him THAT look)

TBK Well maybe I do believe in karma then – just a little bit.

I’m not sure whether to be upset at his half admission of guilt to being mean to Lewis or whether to be impressed at yet another display of his understanding of the English language and his definition of “karma”

Whatever I decide I think this conversation will always be held as an example of “What goes around comes around”