Crunchy Chilli Potatoes

Last year was the 366 project that I migrated to Instagram. This year I’ve decided to start documenting some of the things I throw together in the kitchen.

I rarely follow a complete recipe often substituting things, or changing them to suit what we have in, or the tastes of the household. I then usually forget what I’ve done the next time I come to make it. I’m hoping this will be my memory of sorts.

Here’s the first:

Crunchy Chilli Potatoes


Cut potatoes into approx 2cm chucks.
Boil until just cooked through, try not to over cook, they need to be soft but not falling apart and drain, leave to steam in the colander while you heat some olive oil and butter in a flat griddle or heavy bottomed frying pan.

Once the oil is hot tip in the potatoes and squish with a fork… you don’t want to mash them, just flatten and break them up a bit.

Leave for a few minutes until starting to brown and crisp up before turning them over.

Don’t worry if the potatoes break up a bit while your doing this, it just means more crispy bits.

Now they’re flipped over, add the spice.

I had one of those Jamie Oliver grinders with Szechuan, chilli and ginger salt so I used that, but you could use sea salt, black pepper and chilli flakes. Whatever you have to add a bit of kick in the pantry.

Shuffle the pan about a bit and once the potatoes are nice and crisp serve.

We had them as an alternative to chips with a piece of fish, but I could see them working with most things.

4 thoughts on “Crunchy Chilli Potatoes

  1. I’ve just realised this is probably the least appealing photograph of this dish I could have taken! – Will try harder to make them look more tasty!

  2. These sound great, and I’m not at all put off by the picture. Will be trying them soon 🙂

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