4amProject 25.11.12

Another trip out at 4am, this time to Lichfield  – Getting there was an adventure in itself as we nearly ended up in the middle of one flooded road but thankfully Dave’s driving skills (and brand new car) got us out of there only to be diverted by another -flood  we gave one more route one last go and got there.

This time we were to be joined by a few more people from the Walsall Photography Collective – all of whom were new to the 4am experience, and all who, despite, or maybe in spite of the relentless rain enjoyed the walk.

Previous trips out include:
Wolverhampton (and how it all started)  4th April 2010
Wednesfield 17th October 2010
Walsall 15th April 2012
You can see there’s a gap in 2011 because the date was the end of March and I was on a plane somewhere over the Middle East en-route to New Zealand – I tweeted a pic to partake from Dubai airport but there we no photowalk for me that year.


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