Dear Mr Sainsbury

Today when I sat down at my desk for lunch I was really looking forward to your King Prawn Tom Yum soup. I had purchased it on my way into work from your much advertised “400th” Sainsburys local store which has recently opening in Wolverhampton.

I hope you can understand that after carefully following all the procedures you’d printed on the label to warm the soup – piercing the lid, stirring halfway through the 3 minute cooking time and then letting stand for the customary 60 seconds –  how disappointed I was to transfer the soup to my bowl to discover that the soup did not live up to the other direction on the label –  that it actually contained prawns!

ONE King prawn was floating forlornly in my bowl and it was ever so lonely – I should know I looked! I scooped up every mouthful in an attempt to find him a friend, hoping that they were simply hiding further in the bowl but alas there were none!

Mr or Mrs Sainsbury (or whoever this email gets to) can you please rectify this in future tubs of soup as I’m sure your prawns would appreciate the company of other prawn friends in their travels from your warehouse to your shops – and I’m sure my stomach would too!

With regards

Steph Jennings

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  1. Sainsbury’s actually responded 😀

    Dear Stephenie

    Thanks for your email. I’m sorry there was only one prawn in the soup you bought from us. I can understand your disappointment, especially as it was bought for your lunch and you’ve come to expect better quality from us.

    All our soup comes to us from reputable suppliers. We insist on strict procedures and controls through all the stages of selection and preparation. This should ensure the correct amount of prawns for excellent quality, taste and texture, however, I appreciate this hasn’t been the case on this occasion.

    We’re now checking that the quality of our tom yum soup is of the high standard that we expect. We’re also monitoring feedback to find out if other customers have had similar experiences.

    We offer a TRY promise scheme. This entitles customers unhappy with any Sainsbury’s product to return it to the store for a full refund or an exchange with proof of purchase.

    I’ve added 1000 points to your Nectar card to refund you under the TRY promise and a little extra for the inconvenience. These are the equivalent of £5 and will appear on your account in the next 72 hours. Why not use the points to try some of our other varieties of soup or treat yourself on your next store visit?

    We’re grateful to you for taking the time to contact us as your feedback helps us to improve our products. We look forward to seeing you in store again soon.

    Kind regards

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