Red Stickered

Red Stickered by Steph Jennings
Red Stickered, a photo by Steph Jennings on Flickr.

In the aftermath of the Feb quake all buildings had to be assessed for damage – this was a long process as even buildings without obvious damage had to be looked at.

The EQC (Earthquake commission) sent a team of insurers and structural engineers to every home, business and building in the city and rated them placing placards in the windows.

Red placards are issued for seriously damaged homes and commercial buildings. You MUST NOT ENTER a red-stickered building because it has been deemed UNSAFE.

Yellow placards indicate limited access to the building and further structural assessment is needed by the owner’s consultants.

Green placards mean that the home has received a brief inspection only. While no apparent structural or other safety hazards have been found, it is the home-owner’s responsibility to set up further evaluation.

At present s in the CBD alone 755 are red stickered 909 yellow stickered and a further 1266 Green stickered.

The stickers are only for imminent instruction only, many of the yellow and green stickered buildings while structurally sound are not economically viable to repair and will also need pulling down – My uncles house is one of them.

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