Simple things

Sometimes it’s the simple things make me happy.

Taking a walk after it has rained, watching the cat sleep on the sofa, playing snap with the blonde kid or sitting quietly with James listening to some music.

BUT then sometimes I think the things that make me happy mean I am simple.

Seriously how excited can one person get about a new kettle, but in my defense it is awesome, it makes the water glow blue and looks amazing if you set it to boil in the dark! 😀

Blue Water

4 thoughts on “Simple things

  1. Simple is best!!!
    Is that the Breville Blue Ice kettle? Supposed to be the best on the market at the moment. We’ve just bought a new kettle too, unfortunately, it’s not as exciting apart from it’s boils at least 5 times quicker than our old one, was in the Amazon sale, and as it’s boiling, sounds like it’s about to take off for the moon!

  2. Breville no, It’s Morphy Richards and was bought for a fraction of the price advertised on their website.
    Makes an awesome cup of tea and boils really quick,

    And Like I said I’m far too pleased with it than can be considered normal!

  3. Now there is nothing wrong with being exited about a new kettle. I surprised myself this year when my old washer broke down. In the january sales I picked up a bosch washer it works great, much quieter and does not walk away from the wall when it spins and of course Bosch are posh!. The rest of my flat has mostly hand me downs and stuff but I still appreciate that fact that I have this nice new Bosch!

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