Back in 2006 I posted this video of the blonde kid on youtube

It was a bit of fun, TBK loves dancing like a nutter and I love laughing at him, This morning it appears not everyone thinks the same, I had an email notification of this comment:

ukgirl1 (16 hours ago)r
stupid………. the mother must be a shit mom, she needs to be on Jermey Kyile

Now at first I thought pathetic and I considered just deleting it, In the end I just had to respond:

essitam (2 minutes ago)
Yeah I totally agree, I mean what sort of parent films their kid having fun??

It’s disgusting I mean it’s quite clear the kid is hating every moment of it, She must be the sort of woman that aspires to be on shit day time television programmes…

No wait that aspiration is left for idiots that can’t spell “Jeremy” or “Kyle” and who want to criticize others as they have no life of their own!

– – – – –

ukgirl1 I have one other word for you – WHATEVER!!

1 thought on “Whatever!!

  1. I don’t think you should pay any attention to people who have numbers in their screen name. And if it counts, I think you’re a terrific mum!

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