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WordPress for Android.

Today I’ve downloaded WordPress for Android, an handy app for my hero that will let me blog on the move.

I’ve added multiple accounts so I should be able to post to here and to www.WV11.co.uk by selecting the correct blog at the log in screen.

This is my first post from it. Let’s see how this works. Post written, tags and categories added now to hit publish and fingers crossed!


Edit: It made it here and retained all the information I’ve added but now I’ve come to use the Wv11 account it doesn’t seem to want to work despite the proper bits and piece over there being enabled… I love the interface but I really need it to work with multiple accounts. Will keep playing and see how it goes…


Edit: It works hurrah, multiple accounts set up* think I’m going to LOVE this app

* the original problem was mine and a quick peruse of the forums fixed it!