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Sausage Lips.

For the last week or so I’ve been battling a cold which at 4:30am Tuesday morning it finally broke. I know it was 4:30 as that was the time the clock told me it was when I woke up unable to breathe through my nose, a pounding headache due to the blocked sinuses and shivering.

A duvet day was in order. A day off work recovering. A day on the sofa with nothing but a cup of tea in one hand and medicine within easy reach…

No such luck!

Tuesday was the day I had booked off work to take TBK to his zoo keeper experience over at Dudley Zoo (post with pictures to follow).

So diligently, like every good (yet reluctant) parent would, I lay awake unil 7:30am, when I dragged my sorry ass out of bed to wrap myself up, grab my camera and haul myself into Dudley and around the zoo.

We had a lovely day, but we got caught in multiple showers and by the time we got home I was exhausted, I knew there was no way I was going anywhere for the next 24 hours at least, the cold coupled with a day in the rain had taken me with a left hook and knocked me off my feet.

I spent the next morning in bed recovering and come dinner time felt well enough to venture down stairs, I spent a hour or so at my computer before heading with with my blanket to the sofa, where I fell asleep.

I awoke a few hours later and immediately knew something was wrong, My mouth felt fuzzy and my lips were stuck together and hurt, my nose was still blocked and I was having difficulty breathing. I went to the mirror I was confronted with something that looked like this….

Sausage lip

This photo was taken 24 hours after my “outbreak” so the rawness had gone out of it and some of the localised swelling has gone down.

My bottom lip had swollen to nearly twice it’s normal size and all over the centre of the lip were lots of pin head size ulcers that had merged into one giant mass, and was so painful I can not describe!

A quick query with NHS direct and I discovered that this particular complaint was “Herpetiform Ulcers” my immune system had taken a knock and this was the result. Swelling, Pain and the sexiest smile in the world. Nice isn’t it? And the only thing I can do is treat it with Bongela, wear a paper bag over my head when leaving the house and rest up to give my immune system chance to recover.

One the plus side though, Who needs collogen? Leslie Ash paid good money to get a look like this and I got it completely free!