Too cute

I took this photograph and then melted into teh sofa – Just look at those fingers

There is something really magical about little babies. For some reason when ever I see a baby I HAVE to look at their hands, for me it kind of epitomizes everything they’re about – perfectly formed tiny fingers with
tiny little finger nails and little folds of skin but never really “used”.

This hand belongs to my friends 7 week old son, Samuel Adam Murphy (S.A.M. Can you see what they did there), he fell asleep in my arms and I stared at his hands long enough that I swear I felt my uterus contract and then I knew I had to hand him back or James would start panicking and run away!

Congratulations Bryan, Gemma and big sister Megan – he is truly adorable!

1 thought on “Too cute

  1. Awwwww that’s so sweet – getting broody again Steph? Lol – and after 90 years a persons hands look like this again (but have been used a lot) – Babies are ace :o) x

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