A word of warning….(rant rant rant) Cross Country Train Managers are SHIT

CrossCountry trains have the most appalling train managers.

I travel by train fairly regularly using various operators but never in my life have I been spoken to with such disdain by someone supposedly working within a public domain.

The member of staff in question was rude and aggressive, he made jibes at us that as a paying customer (or as any customer) I found completely unfounded and insulting, and why? Because I made the mistake of standing (not sitting although their were empty seats) in the doorway to the First Class carriage as the rest of the train was full and I had no where else to go!

SO to anyone travelling on Cross Country Trains look out for the Train Manager called Paul – you’ll know him when you see him, He’s the miserable sullen fucker that hates his job and takes it out on his customers – If you see him avoid at all costs Do not attempt to board the train anywhere but you allotted carriage, and avoid smiling at him if at all possible, it’ll only invoke his RAGE!

On the upside the journey was the first leg of our Wolverhampton to London trip where we had lots and lots of fun, photos will be posted soon, in the meantime:


The Blonde Kid beat me to blogging it, The kid is such a geek, Mommy is so proud 😀

And in case anyone was wondering what I plan on doing about the journey from hell this is an email I have sent their complaints department after “THE” journey:

I was travelling to Birmingham New Street from Wolverhampton on Sunday 3rd August and jumped on one of your trains (the LATE 09.41). I was travelling with my partner, son and parents and I have never in my whole life encountered such a rude man as the one who spoke to me that morning.

We got on in the end carriage (along with some other people) which happened to be first class and proceeded to make our way through the carriage into standard class but when we reached the intersection a group of musicians with their instruments were blocking the way and we could see straight through into the next carriage where other people were also standing and blocking the aisles.

Despite there being plenty of seats available in first class we were very aware that we hadn’t first class tickets so my partner and father stood in the section between carriages, I stood right by the door. My young son and my mother then sat on the nearest chairs to us as we unable to proceed further down the train.

Within seconds of pulling out of the station the jobsworth Train Manager “Paul” (he refused to give us his surname) came charging down the carriage and demanded our tickets, He then demanded we move into the next carriage as this was a “private carriage” so told him I would if I could and if he’d like to ask other people to move I would gladly follow suit.

He then started shouting at me about sitting in the “cheaper seats” and shouting at me to move, at which point my partner stepped through from the intersection and asked him why he was shouting.

This Paul then asked him “What has it got to do with you!?!”

My other half pointed out that I was his girlfriend and regardless of this you could ask more politely he retorted with “I don’t need to it’s my train and I can read!!” Virtually pushed us through the door!!

I then had to stand with a sobbing 8 year old who had witnessed all this in the entrance to the toilets as there was no where else to go and listen to him remonstrate with the other passengers who remained in first class about myself and the other passengers who he’d removed whilst he locked the doors between carriages!

I was so very very angry.

I would have gladly moved further down the train had I been able to. I wasn’t freeloading in First Class – I wasn’t even sitting despite seats being available unlike other “standard class passengers”even though I’d paid the same fair. I’d merely made sure my mom and son were safe on a moving train and stood out of the way of the other passengers.

How dare a member of your staff make such presumptions about myself!

Yes I can indeed read, I read well enough to take his name and title off his name badge. How dare he think just because I have purchased standard tickets I have any less right to common decency than anyone else.

Manners cost nothing!!

I would like some feedback as to what you are planning to about this matter. No paying customer deserves to treated this way standard class or otherwise!

I’ve just received an email from their “customer relations team”

Dear Ms Jennings,

Thank you very much for your E-mail received on 5 August 2008.

I would be grateful if you would send your train tickets to the following address quoting your reference number so that we can fully complete the processing of your claim. Please also provide your postal address to enable us to reply in full.

Customer Relations


Cannon House

18 The Priory Queensway


B4 6BS

I do thank you for taking the time to write to us. We value your comments, and we welcome the opportunity this gives us to understand what our customers require from our service.

Yours sincerely

Melanie Hamilton-Smith

Customer Relations

I’ll keep you posted with any developments!

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