V2008 – (the part that wasn’t wet)

For all the gripes I had about V2008 in my last post, in spite of the coke heads and the piss heads. In spite of the miserable weather I still managed to get a couple of photographs. Mainly from artists performing under cover, Mainly in fact from Jack Mcmanus –

I was on the barrier, It was fairly easy to shoot and it was before the rain had started in earnest and I was scared to take my beloved camera out of its bag. The rest of the day it didn’t really come out of the safety of it’s carrying case for fear the wind would somehow snatch it away from me and fill its vital parts with rain or it would get dripped on in the tents from the spray coming from the soggy masses.

You can visit my flickr for more photos of Jack (link over there on the left) and photos of other stuff too!