Chocolate Truffles

This year for Christmas I handmade chocolate truffles as gifts for my friends, They are really simple to make and incredibly tasty.

Chocolate Truffles


For one batch

150g chocolate
75ml double cream
2 shortbread fingers

Break the chocolate into chunks and set aside in a bowl.

Warm the cream until just below boiling, pour over the chocolate. This will start the chocolate melting.

Put the bowl with the cream and chocolate over a saucepan of simmering water (make sure the bottom of the bowl isn’t touching the water) and melt the chocolate stirring into the cream until smooth.

Crumble the shortbread and mix well into the chocolate cream mix.

If you want plain truffles set the mix aside at this point to set, if you want it flavoured add the extra ingredients now stirring through well and then set aside…

Different chocolate takes slightly different lengths of time to set so they could need to be left anything between 2-4 hours what you’re looking for is something quiet solid that holds its shape when rolled into balls.

Once it’s at that consistency use a heaped teaspoon of mix and roll to shape between your hands. It can be quite messy and the warmth of your hands can begin to soften the mix again.

Once all the mix is used roll in icing sugar, coconut, cocoa or chocolate flakes to finish dependent on flavour.

These store really well in an air tight container.

Flavour combinations I’ve used are…

White chocolate and glace cherry rolled in icing sugar.
White chocolate and dried apricot rolled in icing sugar
Milk chocolate and ameretto finished with chocolate flakes
Dark chocolate and dried cranberry rolled in cocoa.

If adding fruit use dried fruit, 25g is about enough per batch.

If adding spirits add a cap full only at a time and taste. A little goes a long way in this mix.

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