My 4am

On the 4th April 2010 at 4am I was walking the streets of Wolverhampton with 5 other idiots enthusiasts with cameras documenting our world.

Why? Well because I could, BUT why then specifically? Because of this: 4amproject. The 4amproject is the brainchild of Birmingham photographer Karen Strunks, she was driving home one morning at 4am and realised just how different her world was at that hour and decided to document it, on it went from there taking the rest of the world with her.

I really wanted to take part in the first 4am project, I set my alarm and everything but when it went off 12 months ago I woke looked out of my window thought hell where do I go as a none driver to take “interesting” photos around here now? and went back to bed. When I rose the next morning and explored Flickr for some of the results I could have kicked myself – I could have just literally walked out of the front door and shot my empty street if I’d wanted as at 4am that IS interesting, so this year I was determined that I would join in.

I made plans with Rich to drive into Birmingham, but we decided that it might be more fun to join the Wolverhampton group,  but then on the afternoon of the 3rd he realised he was maybe being a “little” ambitious trying to take part in the 4am project with me and then driving his wife to Manchester for their flights to Egypt at 5am – so what should I do? Go alone but James wasn’t happy with the idea of me walking around town looking for a taxi once I’d finished with the Wolverhampton 4am-ers , but nor did he want me out on my own locally either, he even offered to get up with me and we’d take TBK out with us so I didn’t miss out. While trying to decide what to do  I tweeted:

Trying to decide; @4amproject is it worth taxi fares to get to town as my ‘driver’ can’t make it, do I go local, or do I just sleep through

Twitter is full of amazing people and the ever lovely Lee Allen saw my dilemma and made me an offer of a lift home – (Thank you again sir) – So I set my alarm for 3am, booked the taxi for 3.30am charged my camera batteries and that was me set.

I met up with some lovely people Lee, Adrienne (and her much coveted LensBaby), Dave (T), Dave (B) and Dale – some of whom I had briefly met before some I hadn’t. We encountered one bemused security guard, one amused cyclist and one confused man topless covered in blood and his lost ambulance.

Lee made a video of us doing our thing:

4am Project in Wolverhampton from Lee Allen on Vimeo.

Adrienne and Dave (T) have written about it on their own blogs, and despite being told I was crazy by everyone who was tucked up warm in bed at 4am Sunday morning I can’t wait to do it all again next year – which  Rich for the record there will be no backing out of 😉

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