HesFes 2008

All of these photos were taken on our first full day at HesFes this year (Saturday 28th June).

It was kind of impossible to get more photos of the blonde kid from later in the week as he just took himself off to take part in the activities and/or socialise by himself a lot of the time. We took walkie talkies with us so we could stay in touch, well so he could tell us he was hungry as that’s the only time he seemed to need us because, you know, “I’m eight now I can do it myself”!

I hasten to add he was NOT allowed down to the beach by himself and was informed all freedom privaliges would be evoked and he would be confined to holding my hand all week if I found him there without an adult!

Searching for crabs

Jordan & Kai Crab hunting

We can go by oursleves!

Taking a stroll

A Grand Day Out


What goes up…

Infatablel Fun

…must come down!

Inflatable fun

Waiting, not so, patiently.


We all had a brilliant time (yet again).  Jordan relished the chance to interact with so many different people of all ages from all walks of life and to catch up with Kai (1) and Kai (2) whom he met at HesFes 2007. I was thankful to be able to give him the freedom to experience everything in a safe family friendly enviroment and kick back and enjoy the glorious sunshine a nice change from HesFes 2007….

Racing for Cover @ HesFes 2007

Dodging the puddles

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