Where to start…. ok who did I see?? Ok in this order…. The Stands, GLC, The La’s, Jet, The Zutons, the last half of The Bravery, Kaiser Chiefs,(the point where I got hit on the head with a flying torch) The Doves, Oasis (form a distance but who cares)!!

Yes I did what everyone is supposed to do at a festival and fit in as many bands as possible!! Who cares about little things like eating if you have a decent spot in front of the stage and when i say decent I call about 5 people from the front for all but the Kaiser Chiefs and Oasis a decent spot!!

Oh and yes I did say hit with a flying torch, some idiot threw a torch, and i’m not talking no lightweight thing her i’m tlking full size maglight into the back of my head!! Well into the crowd and it hits me.

Stands to reason doesn’t it, How many 1000’s of people and who gets hit??? Just MY BLOODY LUCK!!!